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On Oct 20, 2007, at 00:05 , Validome-Staff wrote:
> 1. The W3C-SGML-Parser uses two catalog files: xml.soc and  
> sgml.soc. Within xml.soc there are 21 points missing, all regarding  
> SVG 1.1 Tiny and "SVG 1.1 Basic.

The issues with SVG 1.1 Tiny and Basic are actualy a bit more  
See this mail:
I think the workaround we found last month is better, see:

I note that you also added a number of modules and files for XHTML  
print and basic, good idea.

> 2. We missed 6 DTDs, necessary to get the download package running.

Added, thanks.

> 3. Your LibXML-Implementation was not correct - you just use the  
> catalog files of your SGML-Parser instead of taking care of the the  
> "official" catalog specification ( 
> catalog.html#Simple).
> Because of this, LibXML tries to get the external DTDs instead of  
> the local ones.

Indeed, it was incorrect, but in the end we decided to not fix it,  
because loading of the catalogue is only supported after a certain  
version of XML::LibXML - hence we just didn't load anything and muted  
the entities errors. It may still be a good idea to fix it, although  
I'm not sure what version of XML::LibXML is supported by most systems.

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