Re: Critical bug 4916 (was: Notes on validome test suite / validators comparison)

Hi Frank,

>> The regexp in STD 66 is a one-liner, and determining the set
>> of visible ASCII characters allowed in an URI is "possible".


> all applications
> allowing to click on URIs could indirectly start malware.

Fixing the schema is one thing...What about the same issue within HTML documents?
No XHTML --> no schema validation...As you see, what we need is much more than a schema fix. It is a new concept and code for a reliable URI check in XHTML *and* HTML. A URI checker that covers ALL aspects of failures...
Frank, beeing honest, you could create hundreds of test cases concerning URI, even schema validators don't detect. Just try it and you'll see, it is about new, reliable solutions and not about "patchy fixes"...;-)

Perhaps it's time to antiquate the term "validator" as it is and seriously discuss about "conformity checkers", as a validator - as defined at the moment - can not keep pace with new requirements and fast application development of these days. 

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Received on Tuesday, 23 October 2007 12:35:56 UTC