Re: SOAP API - Warnings & Errors

Hi Chris,

On Oct 10, 2007, at 05:08 , Chris. wrote:
> I've been developing an app based on the documentation at:
> This document states:
> "As seen as the example above, the children of the error element,  
> but also
> the warning element are line, col and message, defined below:"
> This seems to imply that all 'error' and 'warning' elements will  
> include the
> children: 'line', 'col', and 'message'.  It then goes on "below" to  
> show
> 'messageid', 'explanation', and 'source' too.
> In my tests, however, I haven't been able to produce warnings with  
> anything
> except 'message' and 'messageid'.  I'd sure like to have the  
> explanation
> text that goes with the warnings -- is it available?
> Or do warnings only get a subset of the children of error?
> Or do different warnings (and perhaps different errors) yield  
> different
> combinations of children (wouldn't that be fun)?

Unlike messages related to a specific part of the document's markup,  
some warnings are related to the document as a whole (encoding,  
doctype, etc) and won't have the line, col info.

I guess the API documentation is not clear in this regard. Would you  
have a suggestion of a better way to put it?

Thank you

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