SOAP API - Warnings & Errors

I've been developing an app based on the documentation at:

This document states: 
"As seen as the example above, the children of the error element, but also
the warning element are line, col and message, defined below:"

This seems to imply that all 'error' and 'warning' elements will include the
children: 'line', 'col', and 'message'.  It then goes on "below" to show
'messageid', 'explanation', and 'source' too.

In my tests, however, I haven't been able to produce warnings with anything
except 'message' and 'messageid'.  I'd sure like to have the explanation
text that goes with the warnings -- is it available?

Or do warnings only get a subset of the children of error?

Or do different warnings (and perhaps different errors) yield different
combinations of children (wouldn't that be fun)?

Any help would be appreciated (including additional documentation sources).

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