Amazon Associates provided code doesn't validate


I was accepted into Amazon Associates.  I put their code into one of my markup pages as a test,, and got 27 errors from their code.

My code had previously passed validation, even though it is in the development stages.

I emailed Amazon and they said that "validation is tough" and that I had placed the code properly.

My question is:  Since Amazon isn't going to change their code, and since *my* code passed validation, what is the status of my use of the W3C validation icon?  I guess it comes down to a question of should I be penalized because of Amazon?

I would like to display the icon, because I am proud of having taken the time and effort to validate every page I post on the web (or I will -- I haven't gotten to several legacy pages, but I will.), over 400 in all, and growing every day.  

Howevere, since the markup page doesn't pass validation, what's should I do?  I want to do what is proper, but I'm in a quandry.  I'll accept whatever you decide is the proper course of action.


Barry Harmon

Received on Monday, 9 July 2007 04:31:19 UTC