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On Jul 6, 2007, at 00:32 , Andreas Prilop wrote:
> I think your page is only crap.
> Your page completely depends on JavaScrap and is unusable
> without JavaScrap.
> It's beyond me why you bother with formal validation.
> Write usable pages!

How is this supposed to be helpful? You may have a good point, but it  
is buried under insulting language. How about
I actually think your page has one serious problem, that it relies  
entirely on client-side scripting (javascript) for its main features.  
This is a serious usability issue: try turning off javascript and you  
will see your page as many browsers, and search engines, see your  
page: unusable. I suggest reading up on javascript accessibility, and  
javascript "graceful degradation", e.g: 
display/25 ?

> olivier Thereaux kindly asks me not to insult you further.

No, Andreas, I have not asked you to insult this person _further_.

I have asked you, twice already, to abide by the rules of proper  
conduct and constructive dialogue which everyone here is suppose to  

That is, not insult people _at all_.

If you can't do that when replying to newcomers/beginners, please  
have the intelligence to not reply to them. And if you can't do that  
either, please unsubscribe from this mailing-list and save everyone,  
including yourself, a lot of grief.

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