Re: XHTML parser has long delay

Hello David,

On Jul 6, 2007, at 05:20 , J David Eisenberg wrote:
> I set up the validator on my local machine, and it was hanging for  
> minutes
> at a time while trying to parse XHTML.

Very likely trying to retrieve entities, and struggling to connect to, probably hitting the protection mechanisms and receiving  
503 responses.

> I made the following change near line 615 of file "check" to use local
> copies of the DTD when parsing XHTML. Would this be a reasonable  
> thing to
> add to the production version of the validator?

Actually... a similar patch to what you suggest was added to the  
validator's codebase a month ago :) 

Thanks for the confirmation that it is a good idea to add this  
mechanism. The two patches are indeed slightly different, but, I  
think, have the same effect.


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