Re: "character data is not allowed here" problem with Unicode Chinese

On Tue, 06 Feb 2007 16:15:30 +0800
"Allan Dyer" <> wrote:

> and got one error:
> Error  Line 5 column 54: character data is not allowed here.
>     <meta name="description" content="U-hearts 兩地���心" />
> --------
> Unfortunately, I don't think this email will show the correct Chinese 
> characters, please refer to the validation page itself.

It's pointing to the wrong place.  The actual error is that slash,
which turns the following > into character data.

This should be in the FAQ.  Actually it is, kind-of, but it's
so well-disguised you can be forgiven for not seeing it.

Bottom line: you used XHTML syntax in an HTML document.

Nick Kew

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