"character data is not allowed here" problem with Unicode Chinese

I'd like to report a problem with the validation of Unicode Chinese pages.

I tried this validation:

and got one error:
Error  Line 5 column 54: character data is not allowed here.

    <meta name="description" content="U-hearts 兩地���心" />
Unfortunately, I don't think this email will show the correct Chinese 
characters, please refer to the validation page itself.

The validator marks one of the Chinese characters in the meta content attribute 
as the problem. There are four Chinese characters there, it only marks one bye 
of one character as a problem.The character in question is the Chinese 
character for the number one.

It appears that the validator is failing to recognise the three bytes as a 
single Unicode Chinese character, and giving this incorrect error as a result.

Please email me directly for any followup - I don't read this list.
Allan Dyer

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Received on Tuesday, 6 February 2007 13:07:00 UTC