Re: Comments on 0.8.0 beta

On Saturday 28 April 2007, Shane McCarron wrote:
> This is pretty minor - might not even make a difference when executing,
> but in the check script (I am looking at version 1.503 from CVS) there
> are two places where it says "eq TRUE" instead of "== TRUE".  I think
> you always want a numeric comparison in those cases.  There is also one
> place where it says "eq FALSE" and should likely be "== FALSE".

Incidentally, this got fixed in my yesterday's code/warning cleanup patches in 
CVS a couple of hours before your post.  BTW, those are booleans, and it's 
better in many ways to test their truth value instead of whether they match 
some constant, eg. "if ($boolean)" rather than "if ($boolean == TRUE)".

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