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On Tue, Apr 24, 2007 at 11:41:14PM -0700, Greg Sabin wrote:

> well the big problem on microsoft office live

I've never heard of Microsoft Office Live. It appears to be a hosting
service. A short look doesn't tell me if they force their own CMS on
you, or modify your pages (e.g. with advertising) after uploading,
etc, etc.

> is the meta tags are built in to the page so their code can not be
> entered exactly where they want it, so they find it and say it in
> the wrong place . and then say page errors are to blame , but as i
> said on a new page even when it is empty the validator says their
> are errors and i have no access to root or base programming , i can
> only add content,

So it sounds like:

* You have webpage

* Third party A provides hosting with restrictions that include
  invalid code

* This party B provides code and instructions for using it. Said
  instructions cannot be followed due to the restrictions imposted by
  Third party A.

If I were in this position, I would switch away from Third party A as
quickly as possible.

>  so then what google and W3 are implying is all the code written by
> microsoft in microsoft office live must be wrong , and so its either
> that or the valadator is wrong ,

Microsoft's track record for producing quality code is not good. Their
track record for producing tools that build quality code is worse.

> so it can not be me , as new pages only have what content microsoft
> puts into them , so their is a problem some where , and the only way
> to get it fixed is to track down where it is .  ok I just created a
> page and put in no content , please test this page and tell me where
> microsoft went wrong, please
> this could help fix this
> problem

Identifying where code authors have gone wrong is the purpose of the
shows the errors in the page.

David Dorward                            

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