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It would be nice if they had made the current validator to work with all web sites before attempting to make a new one , I notice that the XHTML validator will find errors in XHTML web sites using subscript , superscript , and HTML box's that display's HTML or a I-Frame linked to a java based flash player , But after my dealings with Google as well as Yahoo , I can see how all the large corporations ( yes this includes .org's that follow suit ) have nothing better to do then put the little guy in the middle . But I suppose its just human nature to fight and battle like children rather then to work together .

Drake Wilson <> wrote:
  Quoth CE Whitehead , on 2007-04-23 13:55:41 -0400:
> and said that my p and hr elements were not open & did not need 
> closing--the code is simiply as it is below--
> this seems bizarre (you always close the hr element or I do--it's required 
> in xhtml; this is html though but it's an option certainly; also elements 
> can be embedded in other elements, except where a block element is embedded 
> in an inline element, & that's not the problem here; the hr is used to 
> divide off the statement saying that this document is a translation that 
> the normative version is that of the W3C, etc.):

Both HTML 4.01 Strict and XHTML 1.0 Strict declare the "hr" tag as
empty, that is, not capable of containing anything. So no,
  .. with stuff inside doesn't make any sense. Which doctype
is this?

---> Drake Wilson

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