Re: Problem with validator

Frank Ellermann wrote:
> David wrote:
>> The end tag for the P element is implied when the parser reaches
>> the start tag for the FIELDSET element. So, no, there is no
>> accompanying start tag.
> One of the many reasons why using HTML 4.01 instead of XHTML 1.0
> in manually edited documents is a dubious plan.

Not really. Fieldset isn't allowed inside paragraphs in XHTML 1.0
either. The only difference is that the error message emitted by the
validator is confusing in a different way (i.e. suggesting that an
object/ins/del/etc element is the solution).

The problem comes from authors using the validator as a substitute for
not knowing the language constructs they are using.

Using XHTML 1.0 in manually edited documents is even more dubious,
especially if the document is to be served as text/html.

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Received on Friday, 6 April 2007 14:37:25 UTC