Validate by direct input, particularly for newbies to php/xhtml validation

I would recommend placing a note on the validator site in connection to
the direct input method of validation for the purpose of defining what
is, and is not correct validation data input, specifically as applied to
PHP code. Being quite new at PHP, and about 6 years out of practice with
HTML standards, I am in the process of learning one, and relearning the
other. I have just spent a week poring over my php page, trying to
figure out why my code would not validate, only to find that a direct
input requires the post-parsed PHP file, not the pre-parsed version. My
post-parsed page completes and fully validates, the HTML code containing
the PHP fragments does not, and nothing on the site states any warnings
to that effect.
Kyle Beebe

Received on Wednesday, 4 April 2007 17:05:18 UTC