Browser-defined Links

  I have a w3c document: Proposed Relationship Values.
  This document addressed <link> tag rel/rev values.
  There is a rel/rev category called: Browser-defined Links.
  These link rel values are: home, back & forward.
  Here is the key sentence: Since these browser actions are internally implemented by the browser, REL/REV keywords associated with these relationships are disallowed.
  The Markup Validator doesn't catch this.
  Documents containing Home, Back & Forward 'rel' or 'rev' links validate.
  So...if this is an oversight, I suggest scripting a bit into the validator code which catches this.  I have a feeling, however, that it's not like you aren't already aware of this fact.  If this is the case, then I'd like to know why you've elected not to script this rel/rev criteria into the markup validator.
  Thank you very much,
  Y. Woodman Brown

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Received on Wednesday, 4 April 2007 17:05:17 UTC