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On 9/16/06, CPRG Limited <> wrote:

> I have been going nuts here trying to figure out why the W3C Validation
> output, on content that includes asp controls, the source code in the
> Validation output is different from any other major browser used to render
> the code.  In particular, the Validation source has the 'name' attribute
> injected into it and the injected input tags are not within container tags.

Craig, ASP.NET relies on the browsercaps file to determine client
capabilities. This file does not contain an entry for the W3C
validator. There are two simple solutions to this:

1. Update client detection capabilities with an entry for the
validator. See here:


2. Use Firefox with the Web Developer Toolbar extension. This has a
nice feature "Validate local HTML" which will take the soruce code
from the browser and post to the W3C validator.


Peter Krantz

Received on Saturday, 16 September 2006 18:49:53 UTC