Re: Re: panel browser inconsistencies

Mr. Krantz--

Thank you very much. 

I have been going nuts here trying to figure out why the W3C Validation
output, on content that includes asp controls, the source code in the
Validation output is different from any other major browser used to render
the code.  In particular, the Validation source has the 'name' attribute
injected into it and the injected input tags are not within container tags.

No where that, I have yet found, addresses this specific issue.

The suggestion that .NET Framework will fall back to its default
'Transitional DTD' model damn sure sounds like it may be the key when .NET
does not recognize the client browser.  

If anyone has the solution to this, it would be a help and please cc: within any post made that provides the solution.  I will
continue to try to find a solution to this specific issue myself.

For your suggestions, explanations and input, I gladly stand corrected.

Thanks, again.

C. Thacker

Received on Saturday, 16 September 2006 14:33:48 UTC