Re: Question regarding HTML validation

David Dorward wrote:

> The only bug I've seen in the Markup Validator Service (with real
> world XHTML data) hits when attributes are not seperated with spaces
> (e.g. foo="foo"baz="baz").

There are much more so-called "limitations", see
<>. In fact,
the W3C Validator is totally useless for XHTML documents.

> This is documented (IIRC there is a link from the XHTML validation
> results page).

No. There's a link to <>.
Of course, you need to be an SGML expert to decipher that language.

<> - XML Schema Validator                    |
<> - XHTML Proxy                             |

Received on Saturday, 16 September 2006 10:19:11 UTC