Re: Re: panel browser inconsistencies

On 9/15/06, CPRG Limited <> wrote:

> This happens because the W3C Validation
> engine does not read the web config file before parsing the content.

No client is reading the web.config file from an web site.
This is an internal configuration file which typically contains
database connection strings and other sensitive information.

> It is not an issue of the browser being used by the person viewing the web
> content nor an issue of the W3C Validation engine.  It is an issue of .NET
> Framework v2.0 which uses a Transitional DTD as its default rather than a
> Strict DTD.

Different content may be sent to the client depending on client
capabilities. If ASP.NET determines that the client is unknown I
recall that it will try to downgrade the output (correct me if I am
wrong). This behavior can be changed.



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