Re: Unknown Parse Mode! in form submission

Eric Bednarz wrote:

> 'DOCTYPE' and 'charset' are ambiguous terms in
> themselves.  The latter is usually either referring to an
> encoding or to a repertoire,

If somebody managed to declare charset=Unicode, let alone
encoding="Unicode", and the validator then presents a nasty
error message, it's okay.

> the former is either a reserved name that can be redefined
> in the SGML declaration or you can stop reading

You lost me here, lacking SGML knowledge on my side.
> What's certainly missing is an option to choose an SGML
> declaration (including the one for XML).  Or any hint that
> would make transparent to a user what happened

Yes... the example claimed to be something WAPFORUM XHTML,
and therefore I tried an XHTML BASIC override first before
transitional.  But a user wants "do what I mean" if he has
a "special" DTD, anything the validator doesn't know.  The
validator could cache popular DTDs if that's an issue.

With the Unicorn alpha test 2 of my 4 tests failed, the 2
were documents with "unusual" DTDs (HTML i18n, CharMapML).


Received on Friday, 8 September 2006 08:11:19 UTC