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Re: Unknown Parse Mode! in form submission

From: Frank Ellermann <nobody@xyzzy.claranet.de>
Date: Tue, 05 Sep 2006 02:32:55 +0200
To: www-validator@w3.org
Message-ID: <44FCC5B7.985@xyzzy.claranet.de>

Lachlan Hunt wrote:

> The problem is that the validator doesn't use the XML
> declaration as its trigger to use XML mode.

Is that a bug ?  If a document says <?xml version=" (etc.)
at the begin, maybe after one of the various signatures
for UTF-8, BOCU-1, etc., then it's supposed to be XML, or
isn't it ?

It works if documents are uploaded (instead of using the
direct input forms).

> It uses the DOCTYPE and switches to XML mode for known XML
> DOCTYPEs.  In this case, the WAPFORUM XHTML DOCTYPE is
> unknown.

Okay, then the fastest fix might be to use SYSTEM instead of
PUBLIC, I know that it works with obscure DTDs like "DOCTYPE
CharacterMapping" (CharMapML) or "DOCTTYPE rfc".

Why doesn't it treat unknown FPIs like SYSTEM as long as a
working URL is specified ?  Or rather, why does it allow
this only for SGML, I tested it with HTML i18n (RFC 2070) ?

>> Manipulating the content-type in your meta doesn't help

> Of course not, the meta element is absolutely useless for
> specifying anything but the character encoding, and then
> only for HTML, never for XML.

Apparently it works also for XHTML to some degree, the error
message is wrong if encoding="US-ASCII" and charset="UTF-8"
are different.


P.S.:  Still waiting for an answer why Jukka's "nobr"-DTD
       is not supported.  If that's politically motivated
       I'm ready with this forum and the W3C.
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