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Re: namespace question

From: Siegfried Gipp <siegfried@rorkvell.de>
Date: Sun, 30 Jul 2006 12:48:50 +0200
To: www-validator@w3.org
Message-Id: <200607301249.03227.siegfried@rorkvell.de>
On Sunday 30 July 2006 11:27, Jirka Kosek wrote:
> David Dorward wrote:
> You can use Relaxed validator for this:

Yes, i know, that there are some validators out there. Although i did not have 
the url for this one (thanks for the info)

Generally i do not like the idea much of setting up a DOCTYPE for anything 
possibly used in xhtml. The DOCTYPE should simply be xhtml, nothing more. And 
if i want to validate an xhtml page with the xhtml validator, it would be 
good enough if it simply validates any xhtml parts. For any other elements 
prefixed with any namespace it would be enough to validate wellformedness. If 
i would be on validating svg i would choose an svg validator. A validation 
service as the w3c validator should not try to do things for what it is not 
meant for :)

It would be really great if the validator could be set up for validating only 
(x)html. This would be the way to validate any xhtml page, served as 
application/xhtml+xml, using any xml element out of any xml namespace without 
failing the validation (as long as the xhtml part is valid). A statement 
like "this page is valid xhtml x.y" does imply nothing about elements of 
other namespaces other than them beeing well-formed.

So the basic idea of this relax validator is indeed the way to go. Altough 
simply ignoring might be replaced by checking for wellformedness.

BTW namespaces: It should be possible to validate any xml file with embedded 
xhtml wether the xhtml elements are using the default namespace (as in 
standard xhtml files) or any namespace prefix. Any xhtml validator should in 
any case simply validate the xhtml parts. So for example a standard web page 
using standard xhtml but using a namespace prefix for any xhtml element for 
whatever reason should validate, too.

Just what i think about that...

Siegfried Gipp

public gpg key at http://www.rorkvell.de/siegfried.asc

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