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On Sat, 2006-04-15 at 14:34 -0400, Keith Brooke wrote:
> The following fails validation:
> <p>The following instructions have been adapted to our configuration
> from Microsoft's <a
> href=";en-us;307311&sd=tech">How To Set Up Internet Connection Sharing in Windows 2000.</a></p>

Yes, it should fail.

> with this diagnostic.
> Warning Line 234 column 158: cannot generate system identifier for
> general entity "sd". 
>;en-us;307311&sd=tech">How To Set Up Internet Connecti
> An entity reference was found in the document, but there is no
> reference by that name defined. Often this is caused by misspelling
> the reference name, unencoded ampersands, or by leaving off the
> trailing semicolon (;). The most common cause of this error is
> unencoded ampersands in URLs as described by the WDG in "Ampersands in
> URLs". 

And that link explains why.

> Entity references start with an ampersand (&) and end with a semicolon
> (;). If you want to use a literal ampersand in your document you must
> encode it as "&amp;" (even inside URLs!). 

And that tells you how to fix it.

> The offending text is in quotes

Yes, as it contains characters other than those described at it needs to be
quoted, but the validator isn't complaining about lack of quotation.

>  and is part of a valid Microsoft URL. 

The URL is valid, but you need to write it in HTML, not in plain text
(as described above).

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