Re: reset-button + "validate by direct input"

Frank Ellermann wrote:
> Jukka K. Korpela wrote:
>>on a typical browser, you can wipe out the contents of the
>>text input field by pressing the Esc key there. No questions
> Not with my browser.

In Firefox, text boxes can be cleared by pressing Esc twice.  Textareas 
can't be cleared with Esc, you need to use Ctrl+A (or equivalent) and 
then delete.

In IE, pressing Esc once will clear both text boxes and textareas.

In Opera, Esc will not clear either.

> "Select all" + "cut" also doesn't work,

Then your UA is broken.  If you're using IE, it looks like if you right 
click within a textbox/textarea anywhere but on the selected text, the 
selection will be removed, and thus cut/copy won't work.  If you select 
the text, then right click it, it works.  That is, IMHO, a broken 
implementation and other browsers seem to work much better.

> I can select the text area content with the mouse, and then
> "shift Del" it, but then I also lose the old clipboard content.

If you want to delete the content, but don't want to replace the 
clipboard content, then either don't cut/copy (just use 
delete/backspace), obtain some clipboard managment software that allows 
you to copy multiple items at the same time, or use a system with 2 

Lachlan Hunt

Received on Wednesday, 28 September 2005 22:53:02 UTC