Re: W3C Validator vs Schneegans

Frank Ellermann wrote:

> Interesting, I've just tested it.  It doesn't like redirections

That's intentional. This way you can validate redirect or error pages.
For example, <>
shows an error.

> and insists on UTF-8 for all documents without XML-encoding

Absolutely not, it complies with <>
for "text/html" and with <> for
"application/xml" and "application/xhtml+xml".

> Apparently I should really soon upgrade all lang="xy" to the correct
> lang="xy" xml:lang="xy"

Yes, this is required for XHTML served as "text/html". However, you
can simply turn off the HTML compatibility check.

> And it told me that if I try post-modern stuff like <fieldset> it MUST
> begin with <legend>.

That's correct, see

>  That's apparently true (says the nice WDG HTML4 OS/2 INF file), but
>  why oh why isn't it in the XHTML 1.0 DTDs ?

Because XML DTDs can't express such a constraint.

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