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W3C Validator vs Schneegans

From: Piotr Nowicki <nowicki@icpnet.pl>
Date: Sat, 03 Sep 2005 14:02:10 +0200
Message-ID: <431990C2.5070302@icpnet.pl>
To: www-validator@w3.org


I'm writing to you because of some information I've heard 
about using W3C Validator. In fact I was accustomed to 
your product, but recently I've heard that documents that
passed W3C validator didn't have to be validate at all. 
On few pages I've found a link to other validator 
written by Christoph Schneegans (http://schneegans.de/sv/) 
which ought to be more accurate. I've tested it on one 
of my XHTML 1.1 documents (converted to XHTML 1.0 
because Shneegans XML schema validator doesn't support 
version 1.1) and really - it pointed a number of errors 
in my document that passed W3C validation.

I would like to know why it's like that? I fully trust 
W3C Validator, and I wish this situation won't change.

I'm looking forward to your reply.

Piotr Nowicki
Received on Saturday, 3 September 2005 13:25:23 UTC

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