Yahoo Hosting Adds Invalid Code

After using the W3C Markup Validator, I encountered 8 separate errors from a
section of my site that is under construction that doesn't even exist!


My site has 117 lines, all of which were meticulously coded by myself, and
all 8 errors are are on lines 118 and 119. All errors are reference over to
what are essentially bad links to 1px images for .
What's more, is that these two Easter Egg type pictures that I had never
realized were present on my site, are also playing havoc with my ability to
keep packet requests down to the beautiful minimum that I had conceived when
I first began my rewrite.
Has anyone else encountered this, and found a way to fix it? I would really
like to be able to toss on my validation "awards", seeing as web design is
one of the services I offer through my company, and this is more than a bit If you know how to fix this issue, please feel free to email me
at, as I am already on too many forums to
remember them all ;)



Dr. Troy C. Beglinger, O.M.

CEO/ Senior Project Manager

The Consultant Sea,

"Start sailing on calmer waters, drift into the Consultant Sea."


Received on Saturday, 3 September 2005 05:11:47 UTC