Re: Marquee in html and scrollbars in css validation.

On Fri, May 06, 2005 at 02:31:26PM +0200, mortenbroegger wrote:
>    Hello W3C!

FYI: The www-validator list includes members who are not W3C members.

>    Why don't you accept marque-codes?

Because the DTD you used in your document doesn't allow it. The
element is a proprietary extension introduced by Microsoft, not part
of HTML, so none of the W3C DTDs include it.

This question would probably better be addressed to the HTML working
group, although I'll note that HTML is a language designed for
describing the semantics and relationships of documents - not how they
are presented, and not how that presentation changes. The function of
the marquee element is the job of CSS + JavaScript.
>    And why don't you accept scrollbar colors and definitions at all.

They are proprietary extensions introduced by Microsoft. 

This question is probably better addressed to the CSS Working Group
but according to, future versions of CSS
may address this.

>    Especially that bugs me. Because I will never CSS validate due to this.

You could just leave the users UI alone.

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