Re: Which DTD is better Transitional or Strict?

On Tue, Jun 21, 2005 at 05:39:18AM +0200, Frank Ellermann wrote:

> >> align="right" is rather essential
> > For what?

> When I want something in the "center" or "right" instead of
> whatever default position _visible with any browser_ I'm not
> talking about CSS.  Not one of my four browsers supports CSS.

OK, now its rather more clear.

You're supporting, for presentation, browsers which very nearly the
entire rest of the web has (due to them being ancient, buggy, no
longer supported, and/or superseded) consigned to the pile marked
"users can still get to their content, I'm not going to waste time
using obsolete presentational effects on them".

And yes, Transitional is intended for supporting those browsers
(although the intention, AFAIK, was that was a stop gap until browsers
reached their current level of support for the standards of the latter
half of the last decade - which, for pretty much all practical
purposes, they have).

David Dorward                            

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