Re: Which DTD is better Transitional or Strict?

David Dorward wrote:

>> align="right" is rather essential

> For what? I haven't used it for years, CSS does the job in
> modern browsers, and its just presentation so it doesn't
> matter when it doesn't work in other browsers.

When I want something in the "center" or "right" instead of
whatever default position _visible with any browser_ I'm not
talking about CSS.  Not one of my four browsers supports CSS.

Counting Netscape 4.61 as "no support", it can be disabled
with this monster, and that's almost always a very good plan.

For my very simple pages CSS is also nothing I miss, as long
as I'm free to use the transitional align=.

Okay, I know that I really should do something about occasional
smileys on my pages, voice browsers trying to spell ";-)" can't
be what I want, and for that I'd need CSS.  On my "to do" list.

> WCAG explicitly warns against using colour to convey
> information

Good.  Unfortunately it's often used despite of this warning,
e.g. table cells with a colour code explained in a legend.

Also one of the troubles with "transitional", it allows insane
combinations like a legacy black background with a white CSS
foreground, or a legacy blue background with a contrasting CSS
link colour.  I'd get black-on-black or blue-on-blue.

> what semantics can align indicate anyway?

E.g. <th> has a semantical meaning.  And if you don't like its
default alignment you need align=, CSS, or you can abuse <td>.
The "don't like" could be anything from "ugly" to "unreadable".

                          Bye, Frank

Received on Tuesday, 21 June 2005 03:43:22 UTC