Re: Relaxed - new HTML validation service based on RELAX NG + Schematron

Osmo Saarikumpu wrote:

> catches nested anchors too. Perhaps it could be improved to catch the 
> lack of a default scripting language also? ("Documents that do not 
> specify default scripting language information and that contain elements 
> that specify an intrinsic event script are incorrect.") See demo:

Could you add it as RFE, please:

> BTW, I have to agree w. the view that Relaxed should not be called a 
> validator. Perhaps "the HTML checker"?

It seems that people on this list are too bound to HTML/XHTML. 
Validation in SGML/XML sense is simply process of checking document 
against its grammar. It is irrelevant whether this grammar is expressed 
in DTD, RELAX NG or W3C XML Schema.

What is important is conformance of HTML/XHTML page to respective 
standard (W3C recommendation). And in this respect neither DTD, nor 
RELAX NG validation can offer 100% results. But having RELAX 
NG+Schematron valid page means it is more probable that the page is 
conforming to specification then if the page is only DTD valid.

I don't think that problem is name "validator" per se, but fact that 
many people are unable to see distinction between validity and conformance.

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