Relaxed - new HTML validation service based on RELAX NG + Schematron


at the URL:

there is available a new validating service which is able to catch much
more errors than W3C validator. Author of this service is my student
Petr Nalevka.

"Relaxed" is an easy to use HTML validation application which is special
in the sense it doesn't use the official W3C DTD's. It rather validates
HTML documents using schema definitions written in Relax NG with
embedded Schematron patterns. This is an extremely expressive
combination of languages which enables validation of additional
restrictions which can not be expressed using DTD. This includes most
restrictions specified in the W3C HTML 4.01 and the W3C XHTML 1.0
recommendation and some restrictions from WAI WCAG 1.0 Guidelines."

You can find more detailed information about implementation and source
code as well on the validator page.

Please give it a try if you are interested in validation services. This 
is merely protype showing validation power of RELAX NG and Schematron 
running on hardware that was new 8 years ago so please be tolerant for 
responses. We don't know what this old machine will do under more 
serious load.

I would like also know whether authors of W3C validator plan to extend 
their service with RELAX NG support in the future. There seems to be 
more and more W3C spec released with RELAX NG schema available and DTDs 
are known to be quite limited in many areas.


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