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Albert Chang wrote:
> Ok, I'm trying to make my scripts into xhtml 1.1 strict.

Scripts?  I think you mean markup.

>  I'm just teaching myself.  I already have some knowledge of xhtml.
>  I've been using 1.0 transitional for a while now.
> The validator said that for xhtml 1.1, the anchor tag no longer supports 
> the name attribute.  However, when I went to 
>, the name attribute 
> bypassed the validator.  I would like to know why.

Don't bother with the name attribute for that purpose, use the id 
attribute instead.  Name attributes are generally only required for form 
fields and for backwards compatibility with obsolete browsers like 
Netscape 4 (when using HTML4, since NN4 does not support XHTML).

Also, you should be aware that XHTML 1.1 SHOULD NOT be served as 
text/html.  Please use application/xhtml+xml instead.  However, since IE 
does support XHTML at all, and there are no semantic benefits for using 
XHTML over HTML 4 unless you're using mixed namespaces or any other XML 
only feature.

You should also be aware of the difference between elements and tags, 
attributes and properties, etc.  The document you linked to makes many 
mistakes and I suggest you do a lot more research before you try to 
write a tutorial for it.

> I included my xhtml 1.1 source code in an attachment.

URLs are preferred over attachments.

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