RE: New validator install says everything invalid (Was: This page is not Valid !)

On Mon, 2004-06-28 at 20:22, Nguyen, Long P (Mission Systems) wrote:

> I was able to force the installation of the OpenSP-1.5

Forcing the installation is probably a bad idea and may break your
system in various ways, but anyway...

>  and I tried to use the Validator again and is still getting the 'This
> page is not Valid !'

Are you sure that validator is using the onsgmls from the opensp package
you installed?  Look for onsgmls in the output of "rpm -qlp opensp", and
make sure "SGML Parser" in your validator.conf points to it.

To verify the OpenSP/onsgmls version, do for example this:
  /path/to/your/onsgmls --version < /dev/null

Also, in order to work with the validator, OpenSP 1.5/onsgmls must be
compiled with XML messages _off_.

Received on Monday, 28 June 2004 13:47:25 UTC