[VE][63] Error Message Feedback

According to my knowledge, this error shouldn't appear, because atomic tags, need to be closed:


<link .../>


Also this tag is on the heading section <head><link .../></head>


<input type="hidden" name="__VIEWSTATE" value="dDwtMjMxNTY3NzkwOzs+RvLJaaHYEtCYMeVbb3xDliYik7Q=" />


On DOM 1 the interface HTMLForm defines a name attribute...I haven´t checked xhtml 1.1, but it's a standard behavior.


Is valid to be inside the <form> tag....there are a lot of complains like <span> is inside a <th> or <th> but the validator says not. Try to validate this page: http://www.sat.gob.gt/siag/ <http://www.sat.gob.gt/siag/> , I'll have it there for some days, without changing it.


1.	Line 6, column 67: character data is not allowed here
2.	<link rel="css/satse5.css" type="text/css" rel="stylesheet" />

You have used character data somewhere it is not permitted to appear. Mistakes that can cause this error include putting text directly in the body of the document without wrapping it in a container element (such as a <p>aragraph</p>) or forgetting to quote an attribute value (where characters such as "%" and "/" are common, but cannot appear without surrounding quotes). 

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