Link Checker MIssed Broken Link via Recursion

Hi Folks,

I've been a happy user of the Link Checker over the last year and it's been so 
helpful.  Thanks!

Just today I ran into an unusual situation.  I have a broken link that seems 
to be missed when Link Checker is used recursively.  A little background 
info:  I normally run Link Checker on my local machine, but this error 
appears in both my local version ( and the version running on (3.9.3-dev).  
If I I run Link Checker for the specific page:

it finds the broken link:  destinations.htm.  If I try to recursively check 
for links for the whole site: 

with recursion depth of 1, it checks the lesons.html page but seems to skip 
link checking.  Only the option I set in the Link Checker is the Check Linked 
Documents option.  Here is a small part of the report:

    Checking anchors...
    Processed in 0.0s.


After that it shows the Results instead of all of the links on lessons.html 
being checked, e.g.:

  Checking link
  Checking link
  HEAD  fetched in 1.3s 
  Checking link
  HEAD fetched in 1.4s
  Checking link
  HEAD  fetched in 1.3s
All of the other pages on the site are clearly checked for anchors and links.

Am I using the Check Linked Documents option correctly?  Is there another test 
I could try.  I've kept the broken link on, if you'd like to test it 
yourself.  Do you need more info from me?


RUF Designs - web development services
Robin Barre, linuxchik

Received on Monday, 21 June 2004 16:22:39 UTC