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Link Checker MIssed Broken Link via Recursion

From: Robin Barre <robeano@drizzle.com>
Date: Mon, 21 Jun 2004 11:38:04 -0700
To: www-validator@w3.org
Message-Id: <200406211137.18245.robeano@drizzle.com>

Hi Folks,

I've been a happy user of the Link Checker over the last year and it's been so 
helpful.  Thanks!

Just today I ran into an unusual situation.  I have a broken link that seems 
to be missed when Link Checker is used recursively.  A little background 
info:  I normally run Link Checker on my local machine, but this error 
appears in both my local version ( and the version running on 
http://validator.w3.org:8001/checklink (3.9.3-dev).  
If I I run Link Checker for the specific page:


it finds the broken link:  destinations.htm.  If I try to recursively check 
for links for the whole site: 


with recursion depth of 1, it checks the lesons.html page but seems to skip 
link checking.  Only the option I set in the Link Checker is the Check Linked 
Documents option.  Here is a small part of the report:

    Checking anchors...
    Processed in 0.0s.


After that it shows the Results instead of all of the links on lessons.html 
being checked, e.g.:

  Checking link http://www.funquestdogsports.com/lessons.html
  Checking link http://www.funquestdogsports.com/directions.html
  HEAD http://www.funquestdogsports.com/directions.html  fetched in 1.3s 
  Checking link http://www.funquestdogsports.com/graphics/surfer_tunnel_small.jpg
  HEAD http://www.funquestdogsports.com/graphics/surfer_tunnel_small.jpg fetched in 1.4s
  Checking link http://www.funquestdogsports.com/destinations.htm
  HEAD http://www.funquestdogsports.com/destinations.htm  fetched in 1.3s
All of the other pages on the site are clearly checked for anchors and links.

Am I using the Check Linked Documents option correctly?  Is there another test 
I could try.  I've kept the broken link on 
http://www.funquestdogsports.com/lessons.html, if you'd like to test it 
yourself.  Do you need more info from me?


RUF Designs - web development services
Robin Barre, linuxchik
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