Re: The error message for uploading a non html document

A while ago I made a suggestion about providing more information about  

Some people thought this was a good idea  
0007.html>, but nothing appears to have been done about it yet.

I've found some time to make a start on it. I haven't yet got all the  
information I want in it, and it needs some polish, but you can find a  
draft at: <>.

Could people please make comments, suggestions, etc.

If anybody would like to put together some instructions for finding out  
the Content-type in MSIE[1] and setting IIS to send the correct  
content-types, it would be much appreciated. (Screenshots are good,  
screenshots sent to the mailing list are bad - please send any  
privately, or (better) put them online and include a link.)

[1] Could you check that it states the true Content-type though please?  
i.e. doesn't say text/html if it is text/plain but starts with <html>.  
I know that MSIE can treat text/plain as text/html, but I don't know if  
it lies about it in the information window.

(Hopefully this message will not come through twice - as I sent it  
using the wrong email address the first time round - and it got held  
for me to approve it being archived)

David Dorward

Received on Thursday, 3 June 2004 07:00:26 UTC