New member, and confirming the current state?

Good day, one and all.

I'm a code-gorilla working in Academia (A gorilla is like a monkey, but
(s)he doesn't work for peanuts, and tends to be a bit more forceful when

Much of my work involves dynamic web stuff, either Perl of Java.

I am maintaining a local validator to improve my own services, and those
of the others in the team(s) I work with.

I currently have the tarball installed, which works fine.
I have also installed the [UNSTABLE development version] and [Beta #2]
versions (I *do* like the presentation of the beta #2 screen).

I have installed the software into virtual server within an apache 2
system (self-rolled, as they say)

Can I confirm that the tarball is the current public release version,
that the UNSTABLE version is 0.6.0, and BETA #2 is 0.6.5?


 Ian Stuart, Perl Laghu. EDINA, Edinburgh University.

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Received on Monday, 2 February 2004 04:20:16 UTC