XHTML 1.1 and usemap

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In regards to this thread

specifically this:

> Greetings Jukka,
>      The HTML Working Group recently discussed your email below. Thanks very
> much for your continued support and review of the HTML Recommendations. At
> our Group's most recent face-to-face meeting, this issue was discussed and
> the WG has acknowleged that this is indeed an error in the XHTML 1.1
> Recommendation, and we will rectify this error as soon as possible. The
> value of the usemap attribute should in fact be of type URI rather than of
> type IDREF. Thanks again for pointing this out.
> Regards,
> D-

Has the XHTML 1.1 spec been updated to make the usemap attribute type 
"URI" instead of "IDREF"?

The w3c validator has not been updated to handle the change at least.

Opera and Mozilla developers are not supporting the usemap attribute as 
type "IDREF" specifically because of that linked page above.

It's almost been 3 years ago that message was posted. Any plans to 
update the validator to handle the change?

Any info on this issue would be greatful.



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