Re: suggest validator prefer URI to FPI

* Dominique HazaŽl-Massieux wrote:
>[FPIs vs. SIs]

The only reason I have heard in this thread to change the behavior of
the W3C MarkUp Validator in this regard is consistency with validating
XML processors that behave differently. I consider consistency with
previous versions of the Validator, similar tools and services, common
user expectations and reduced development and maintenance cost more
important and I am thus opposed to such changes.

>The Validator would notice that the System ID URI is not the one it
>associates by default to the FPI; depending on the feasibility of the
>different approaches, it could:

How would it notice that exactly?

>1. simply emit a warning saying that it doesn't know whether the System
>ID matches the FPI, and lists the "officials" System IDs bound to the
Authors are deliberately and explicitly allowed to do that, it is
inappropriate for the Validator to suggest anything else and I am
afraid even if it is made an "info" users might be confused about it.

>2. download and cache the DTD, and "compare" it to the official DTD -
>I've no idea how feasible it is to compare DTDs though - emitting an
>error if they don't match, and validating using the downloaded DTD

That sounds like way too much trouble for a feature of essentially very
little value.

>3. download and cache the DTD, validate the document with the downloaded
>DTD and emit the warning as in 1.

See above.

Received on Tuesday, 17 August 2004 14:24:10 UTC