Validation error


I try to validate the page which I enclose.

I have the following error :

Line 10, column 642: non SGML character number 128

....sente l'avantage de prévoir la ligature « œ » et le symbole de l'e

with the « u » of « ligature » underlined.
However, this is not here, but after : the euro symbol ¤.

By the way, my encoding is ISO-8859-15 so the symbol « ¤ » should be valid
in such an encoding.
There is no warning if I put « € » instead.

So there are two errors : the right underlined character, and the following
to the specified encoding.

Do you think it is a bug ? or did I do a mistake myself ?

Best regards,


Received on Tuesday, 10 August 2004 07:20:12 UTC