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On Sun, 2004-08-01 at 18:34, Bjoern Hoehrmann wrote:
> * Ian B. Jacobs wrote:
> >We frequently get the question "Can I create my own logo/icon to
> >indicate that my page is valid?" [Often accompanied by: "The
> >style of the W3C's logos/icons clashes with that of my site."]
> That's a good reason for W3C to offer alternate designs, seriously.

There are several reasons not for us to do that, however:

 a) We would not find a set of designs that would make everyone
 b) It would be costly in time to find a small set to make
    more people happy.
 c) This is part of the W3C brand and so consistency of style
    is desirable for us.

> >Here's a proposed Q/A:
> >
> > "I'd like to show my support for W3C and the validator service with
> >  a slight variation on the W3C logo. Is this ok?
> >
> > "W3C appreciates your support for open standards and the validator
> >  service. Unfortunately, these logos are part of the W3C brand and 
> >  thus we prefer that people not create variations. If you do not
> >  wish to include the standard logo on every page, you might include 
> >  it on a special page that provides information about your site 
> >  (e.g., a site map, or a policy page, or some other page describing 
> >  the features of your site)."
> I am afraid people would read that as a general rule for all alternate
> designs, not just for slight variations of the original logo, e.g.,
> creating an entirely different logo that does not incorporate the W3C
> logo type could be seen as beeing discouraged by W3C. If that is not
> the intent, the text should clearly say so.

How about "that people not create variations that resemble the
standard logo." [Avoiding the question of "how different is ok?"]

> >Another option, perhaps even better, is to create a paragraph about
> >the logo usage policy. I note that the logo policy page [1] refers
> >to the validator pages for policy information about those logos, but
> >I can't find any policy information there. 
> I think that would be <>.

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