Re: Request for validator FAQ addition

* Ian B. Jacobs wrote:
>We frequently get the question "Can I create my own logo/icon to
>indicate that my page is valid?" [Often accompanied by: "The
>style of the W3C's logos/icons clashes with that of my site."]

That's a good reason for W3C to offer alternate designs, seriously.

>Here's a proposed Q/A:
> "I'd like to show my support for W3C and the validator service with
>  a slight variation on the W3C logo. Is this ok?
> "W3C appreciates your support for open standards and the validator
>  service. Unfortunately, these logos are part of the W3C brand and 
>  thus we prefer that people not create variations. If you do not
>  wish to include the standard logo on every page, you might include 
>  it on a special page that provides information about your site 
>  (e.g., a site map, or a policy page, or some other page describing 
>  the features of your site)."

I am afraid people would read that as a general rule for all alternate
designs, not just for slight variations of the original logo, e.g.,
creating an entirely different logo that does not incorporate the W3C
logo type could be seen as beeing discouraged by W3C. If that is not
the intent, the text should clearly say so.

>Another option, perhaps even better, is to create a paragraph about
>the logo usage policy. I note that the logo policy page [1] refers
>to the validator pages for policy information about those logos, but
>I can't find any policy information there. 

I think that would be <>.

Received on Sunday, 1 August 2004 19:35:09 UTC