Re: Bug in validator?

> > We are using the HTML 4.01 transistional DTD, where it is apparently
> > allowed (works on other pages).
> Ok, my guess was correct then :)
> BTW; if it wasn't a copy/pasto in the above, your document is missing
> the <html> root element (but the 4.01 Transitional DTD might actually
> allow it, I don't remember now).
The code above was a snippet, not a complete doc.

> > Changing <BR /> to <BR> has no effect.
> I'd still say that the "/>" is the culprit, get rid of all instances
> of it, no matter what the element and I bet it works :)

We removed all the "/>" and it validated but also if I remove the /'s
from the Increase/Decrease/Rollback, then the page is valid (by the
validator). Also, I have been using the <br/> standard in my previous
pages as well and they have all validated.

Received on Tuesday, 8 July 2003 14:25:30 UTC