Re: Bug in validator?

> ...but I guess you're using the "/>" notation to end elements with a
> non-X(HT)ML DTD, which is not allowed in earlier HTML versions.  So,
> the SGML parser disagrees with you about where the elements in your
> document begin and end.

We are using the HTML 4.01 transistional DTD, where it is apparently
allowed (works on other pages).

> Try replacing "<br />" with "<br>" and other similar ones if you have
> them (like link, hr, img etc), that should fix it.
> And while I'm at it, posting references to URLs that exhibit
> unexpected behaviour is always a good idea, that'll provide people on
> this list with enough information for useful problem analysis.

Sorry, it's behind a login, so I can't post a URL, however, here is a
larger chunk of the code.

<!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.01 Transitional//EN">
<meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=utf-8">


<b>Label Prices Menu</b>
<a href="labelprices.php?command=list">List Label Price Records</a><BR
<a href="labelprices.php?command=search&amp;resetsearch=true">Search
Label Price Database</a><BR />
<a href="labelprices.php?command=add">Add Label Price Record</a><BR />
<a href="labelprices.php?command=edit&amp;set_id_number=false">Edit
Label Price Record</a><BR />
<a href="labelprices.php?command=delete">Delete Label Price
Record</a><BR />
<a href="labelprices.php?command=report">Customer Price Report</a><BR />
<a href="labelprices.php?command=percentage">Percentage

The validator pukes on the first "/" between
"Increase/Decrease/Rollback"  It causes it to think the a href is
unterminated, and the /a is unmatched.  Changing <BR /> to <BR> has no

Received on Tuesday, 8 July 2003 13:22:22 UTC