Re: Please change validator pages to UTF-8

* Terje Bless wrote:
>Part of the reason for this is that around 0.7 we need to take a long hard
>look at what backwards compatibility we want to invest resources in
>supporting; as well as what width of platforms to support. e.g. how old
>"standard" linux distros do we want to support, and whether or not we want to
>support Win32; in which case we need to actually resolve all the issues with
>that platform. Win32 in particular is difficult since we don't have a working
>SGML/XML Parser on that platform. Björn has made quite a bit of progress on
>that, but I don't know how much time/opportunity he has to keep working at it
>(and it's a bear of task too).

OpenSP runs under Win32 up to version 1.5.2 or something. The Validator
however requires an OpenSP version that does not compile any longer
using the Microsoft Visual C++ Compiler. Depending on build options and
your compiler, it actually doesn't compile under a number of platforms.
I got most of it running and posted the issues plus my suggestions to
the open-jade-devel mailing list. If it is still impossible to build a
more recent version of OpenSP using MSVC++ there isn't much I can do
about it, it's up to the maintainers of OpenSP.

Received on Sunday, 6 July 2003 15:40:17 UTC