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RE: validating JavaScript

From: Jake Brumby <jake.brumby@fresca.co.uk>
Date: Thu, 3 Jul 2003 21:07:56 +0100
Message-ID: <E0520420BE35BE46A6F5685E5C2380A60A44F5@mail.beaconsfield.fresca.co.uk>
To: <www-validator@w3.org>

The offending code is below.

BTW - am I correct in replying to www-validator@w3.org and should I include previous threads below in this email? Thanks!

<SCRIPT Language = "JavaScript">
	var wtl_loc = document.URL.indexOf('https:')==0?'https://a248.e.akamai.net/v/248/2120/1d/download.akamai.com/crs/lgsitewise.js':'http://crs.akamai.com/crs/lgsitewise.js';
	document.write("<SCR" + "IPT Language = 'JavaScript' SRC = '" + wtl_loc + "'></SCR" + "IPT>");


	var wtl_TagVer = 6;
	var wtl_FWD = 0;
	var wtl_url = document.URL;
	var wtl_title = document.title;
	var wtl_TagID = 148699;
	var wtl_SID = "148699";
	var wtl_Offset = "0";
	WTL_TAG = new Image;

	var ORDER= "";
	var SERVER= "";
	var INVOICE= "";
	var CARTVIEW= "";
	var CARTADD= "";
	var CARTREMOVE= "";
	var CHECKOUT= "";
	var CARTBUY= "";
	var ADCAMPAIGN= "";



<IMG BORDER="0" WIDTH="1" HEIGHT="1" SRC="http://statse.webtrendslive.com/S148699/button6.asp?tagver=6&si=148699&offset=0&fw=0&js=No&">

* Jake Brumby wrote:
>I recently put in a lot of effort to develop a website only to have
>to include some JavaScript supplied by Akamai for tracking users that
>the Validator finds 17 different errors in. The code must go in every
>page for the SiteWise tacking program to operate. I told my client about
>this and they followed it up with Akamai. The response I have receive is:
>"The HTML specification does not cover JavaScript.  However, the
>Validator does not recognize JavaScript code from HTML and attempts
>to "validate" it as HTML.  The SiteWise code has been tested with all
>common browser versions and can be used without concern for its function
>or performance."
>Is this correct?

What's the offending code?
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