Re: validating JavaScript

* Jake Brumby wrote:
>I recently put in a lot of effort to develop a website only to have
>to include some JavaScript supplied by Akamai for tracking users that
>the Validator finds 17 different errors in. The code must go in every
>page for the SiteWise tacking program to operate. I told my client about
>this and they followed it up with Akamai. The response I have receive is:
>"The HTML specification does not cover JavaScript.  However, the
>Validator does not recognize JavaScript code from HTML and attempts
>to "validate" it as HTML.  The SiteWise code has been tested with all
>common browser versions and can be used without concern for its function
>or performance."
>Is this correct?

What's the offending code?

Received on Thursday, 3 July 2003 15:01:07 UTC