Re: Strange behaviour in MarkUp Validation Service


> On Tue, 2003-12-02 at 19:14, Shigeto Wada wrote:
> The "MarkUp Validation Service" behaves in strange manner.
> When I upload (rather than specify URI) a file which has Japanese 
> character in
> its file name, the MarkUp Validation Service gave me the following 
> error.
> However, after I changed the file name to English character,
> the same file was validated as Valid XHTML1.1.

This may be a known problem with the Markup Validator, but we need your
help to figure it out.

Could you either:
- send me (privately) the two files you used for this test?
- try (beta instance of the validator) and
  tell us if the same problem arises?

Thank you very much.

Received on Wednesday, 3 December 2003 16:39:59 UTC