Re: OS X Validator Install

Hello Stephen

On Mon, Dec 01, 2003, Stephen Yoch wrote:
> I was wondering if I could get some feedback on a little how-to I put
> together for installing the validator on os x.
> I would really appreciate any feedback any of you all might have.

At first glance, that is a very good article, thanks for doing that.
Since your motivation comes from the lack of a good installation manual,
would you agree to contribute your article to the validator's

Now for a few comments on the article itself:

- I do not understand why you say you need to get the check script from
  CVS, while the rest comes from the release tarball. Chances are it may
just break because the latest version in CVS is a development version
(even in the branch branch :) I would move point 5 (download the
tarball) to 1 and say where the script can be found once you have opened
the tarball (in httpd/cgi/ ).

- mention that the developer tools (xcode) need to be installed.
  Otherwise, no perl

- You could add a note that OpenSP can be installed like other perl
  libs, not just through fink.

- I would add a warning about libwww. I think I remember the
  installation script gives you the proper options, but the fact that
installing libwww could mess up the "head" utility if you install HEAD
is worth mentioning.

- Why do you comment out the verbose message line? If you think there is
  a good reason for that... Actually it's not even there in the release
tarball. See my message above, if it's for a production environment,
don't make people install development/CVS versions.
Other than these minor comments, this is a very good installation guide,
actually adaptable to most operating system by just changing a few
directory names. Excellent work.


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